Great teachers don’t tell you what to do.

Great spiritual teachers know not to take on other people’s karma. They don’t command or demand. If I tell you to tithe 10% of your income to the church, but then you don’t use your head, and do it even as your children starve, then I am partly responsible for their ill health. If I rail against abortion doctors and then you go out and blow up a hospital, that is partly my fault. A great teacher won’t tell you that you absolutely MUST do this, that you MUST believe that. A great teacher simply points, offers his own life as an example, and shows you love. You can follow, or not, even find your own way, and he will love you.

A great teacher is first and foremost a kind person and a caring soul.

How many steps along the path?


Imprisoning oneself inside his own history; inside what he has always believed, what folks around him believe and proclaim; can’t reach very far into deep, pure, meaningful understanding. Learning to observe carefully with his senses, and to do so objectively, carries him much further in. Scientific understanding could conceivably carry him further still, and then deep spiritual attunement even deeper. But he doesn’t get there by taking any one single step; he doesn’t reach deepest knowing by locking himself into one level.
He gets there by letting go of it all.

In dark times, must we fight for Spirit?


These are troubling times for the Deep of Spirit, but we have our forebears even here. Did KH and M ignore the political heavings and machinations of the London Lodge? Did HPB fight with Garibaldi? Did Annie Besant never take a political stand, nor her friend, Mahatma Gandhi? Would the good Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King want to be forced to choose between being a man of spirit OR a political activist? And from my readings of the Bhagavad Gita, I did NOT get that Krishna was telling Arjuna, “Okay, buddy; you just sit this one out. Go back and meditate under that tree in that field; maybe if you OMMMMM loud enough you won’t hear the cries of pain and the clashing of the armor.  Let these lesser yokels fight amongst themselves. You’re on the path now; don’t soil your hands.”