Watching talismans disintegrate from your altar, are you disappointed? DO you miss them? Maybe you shouldn’t.

For every object or bottle of holy water I got for our talismans bag, my object was always to bless it, fill it with healing and spiritual power, and then pass it along to someone who needed it (when that time came, which I trusted would not be soon).
Well, you remember how I used to know full well whom I was sending healing energies to; there was definite and clear internationality to the process. I sat down, went into my eerie place, zeroed in on someone, and zapped her.- Then I went through a personally troubling time when I couldn’t feel or direct that anymore. I needed to let go of any shadow of ego; just trust that the powers that be would use me as needed.
The healings continued, but I wasn’t allowed to see any spooky spreadsheet of who was being helped; how, when, and where.
Perhaps I am going through more of that now as one-by-one my favorite personal talismans disintegrate from the altar. I’ve lost four of them, one at a time, in recent weeks.
One was returned to me, but only after Lyndie and I stopped what we were doing, to sit side by side until we had sorted through to some of the metaphysical underpinnings of its disappearance.
It came back, minutes later, on the other side of town, and under very strange circumstances.
Perhaps “my” treasured relics and talismans are being sent to those in need; fulfilling my wishes and intentions, but without the ego boost of me having any say or choice in the matter.
That does seem to be the trend of the lessons at the moment. Wanting anything to go a particular way comes from ego.
I really need to let go of that.