Connecting our lifetimes

My concept of the Sutratman: I’ll use the word Atman here to denote that limitless, pure essence from which we all emanate, and to which we all return, but which stays pristine, unbroken and unsullied by our experiences. It sends out rays of pure soul essence, like rays from our physical sun, except that neither atma nor its direct emanations are physical.

As one of these threads of pure Light reaches down through the clouds, through the various densities and patterns we call thought, emotions, etc, it draws responsive tendencies in around it.

Just as people who think certain ways attract those of like mind, so thoughts themselves attract similar thoughts. People come into our lives who feel like we do, or who are antagonized by such feelings. Well, as these pure rays of soul reach down through the essence of thoughts and feeling themselves, thought is drawn to thought, and similar passions gather in together. It is much like atoms forming together into what we call molecules, these then gathering into greater and greater masses, until they have built up into every physical thing that there is.

Our atmic thread, a ray of pure spirit, works its way all the way down into the physical world, compacting mind energies into a brain, selected emotions into personal feelings, and physical essence into a body as it becomes an embryo. It has been drawn to certain parents, cultures, and situations that could help it express, or fight against, those possibilities, strengths, and handicaps it will soon be born with.

After birth, as he moves through life, the man is a walking field of radiating energy. He makes choices, wins, and loses. He attracts some people through common sympathies, and others through contention. Each decision, each thought and feeling, each life experience changes who he is; altering his basic essence, what he puts out, and what he attracts. He gives in to baser and more sublime feelings, purer and more primitive thoughts. These all become a part of who and what he is in this world.

All of this is being recorded in something he carries around with him, like that indestructible black box that survives the crash of an airliner so we can later figure out what happened. In the case of each life, though, it is more like a memory chip, traditionally referred to as a seed, strung on that ray, or thread of atma. After death of the body, the grosser thoughts, memories, and experiences are ground away, through purgatory or whatever, until all you carry in your seed is their vibratory essence. The basic you.

This process repeats itself through lifetime after lifetime as this same unbroken atmic thread, weaving back and forth between heaven and earth with its seed, gathers in the essences and potentials of that individual as he evolves.

Slowly, through his experiences, he grinds away the dross, making ever more wise and selfless choices, until he has fully revealed the soul essence at his core. He becomes a pure, radiant, expression of that Light only because he has learned to make the right choice and follow the Higher path in every situation. He has learned this over eons of facing all trials and rising above them.

We don’t FIND the Light; we ARE the Light, and yet we must ever search for it because it is so deeply buried; hidden in the last place we would ever look: our own hearts. When we face our greatest horrors, when we are devastated by our most painful setbacks, and we just know that we will never survive, it helps to know that there is something stronger in us that will always push on. And we can hope that we have drawn this ugliness into our lives because we are indeed ready for this lesson. Through Dark Nights of the Soul, we face our most horrific temptations to quit, and we can even end the life of this body, but we can never break that thread of our existence, and these horrors will keep coming at us, lifetime after lifetime until we stop seeing them as horrors. They are lessons, and they lead from darkness to Light; from pain to inconceivable bliss.

Now me, I can’t follow any religion or spiritual interpretation that doesn’t make sense at every level. I need something that explains our hurts, failures, AND our Highest moments. If I’m asked to deny science in favor of faith, OR faith in favor of science; if a particular deity seems to only appeal to the ignorant, OR to philosophically knotted-up eggheads, then that approach isn’t enough for me.

The concept of Sutratma, though, seems to make sense at all levels.

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