Birth of a novel.

August 28th, 2015
My books are far from formulaic. I could never let myself write just another bodice ripper much like the others, or whip out a “new” thriller mystery or vampire saga every few months, doing little more than change the names and places. My books are living worlds the reader herself can live and breathe in.
I’ve been developing ideas for this latest one for years. I now have scores, maybe hundreds of pages of ideas and character essences and …
But when I decide to stick some poor human worker bee in a cubicle I have to THINK about what he might have on his desk; what co-workers dress like. what they feel along their way home.
But this is still not a worthwhile read for me if it is no more than characters acting out a story.
Today the new novel came alive. For the first time I felt myself inside someone’s home, heard the rustle as folks moved around, or their sad resigned breathing as they just sat there inert. Their teacup pig chewed on something in the corner and I named the fellow based on the sound he made.
His name is Snerker.
Today this new book came to life, and from here on in, the characters can help write it around them.
This afternoon saw the birth of “The Soul Hides in Shadows”.

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