10 Things about a Weird Life (or series of them)

Asked to list 10 things about myself:
1. In one of my past life memories I was burned at the stake.
2. In another of them my poor starving parents gave me away to the church when I was still a little boy. I hated that.
3. In this life I lived on a cruise ship in the Caribbean for a while.
4. During my career as a massage therapist I have massaged or met a good number of celebrities. I’ve rubbed among others the first President Bush, Vanna White, and a whole lot of athletes I didn’t know because I’ve never had any interest in sports.
5. I have never had any interest in sports.
6. I live in the mountains of North Carolina, but my girlfriend lives in England, so we trade back and forth, spending months at each home.
7. While in Europe we investigate major spiritual centers and spooky places including haunted ancient graveyards and castles.
8. I once walked out into the fury of Hurricane Andrew in Miami just to see how strong it was.
9. I fell while climbing a waterfall once and busted my head open.
10. So I might be making the rest of this stuff up.

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