Richard Bach & Jonathan L.

How wonderful it was a few months back to visit with Jonathan Livingston and Fletcher again. This time through your expanded version. In these troubling times we often find the personal search for spirit must be thrown against the regimented doctrines of the church. From this perspective your newly released final section seemed even more relevant (if this is even possible in an eternally fresh story that speaks forever to our hearts).
As I said at the beginning of one of my own books:
In these dark days, when even churches go astray,
can we find God and Truth on our own?
We may have to.
But even having come away with this very specific interpretation I wondered how many out there still fail to grasp some of its veiled messages and deep beauty.
I decided that this would be okay as well.
It’s a process.
My own novels are threaded through with layer upon layer of metaphor and meaning, but still it thrills me when a reader finds one more.
I have probably learned a lot of this from you.
Thank you for your continuing influence in my life.
And – through me and countless others – on other readers and thinkers everywhere.
Thank you.

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