2 thoughts on “International Giveaway of “The Mourning After:

  1. Her fuller name would be Kathleen Fahey Hahn, or just Kathleen Hahn. She is not a professional writer, so there is no standard form of her name you’d be required to use.
    I’m sure Kathy Hahn would do quite nicely.
    She tells me she prays nightly to lost loved ones. Our dad and mom as well as her beloved daughter Colleen, who had cerebral palsey and died in mom’s arms at age 6 1/2. Kath said she started with a simple “I will love you forever”, but then realized after a while that she would see them again when she dies. This statement grew bit by bit within her prayers.
    Colleen would have been 33 now.
    Thank you for asking.

  2. Can you tell me how to credit the quote you have in the front of the book. “I will love you forever, but I’ll only miss you for the rest of my life,” You said it came from your sister. Kathy.

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