Snared by the Visionary Fiction Alliance

As a writer I have never really wanted to feel settled and at home in any genre. A part of me wants to tell my readers, “If you ever find strong similarities between any two of my plots, please shoot me”. I am constantly trying to surprise myself. If one of my tales is a soft-hearted romance rooted far in the past, then the next might be a vile political thriller set in the future. I’ll kill off my narrator partway through the story, then spend weeks wondering just how the heck I’m going to work my way out of this latest pickle.

But in the Visionary Fiction Alliance I fit right in because my novels always probe deeply through psychospiritual angst and bliss to discover by end of story that all things may indeed have meaning, and purpose. That we are not alone and abandoned, and that we are always headed Higher. And because through reading my books, humanity reaches a little Higher into consciousness.

These things I share with other writers of Visionary Fiction. I may be constantly exploring and re-inventing while others might feel more comfortable following formulae. I might write literary fiction while others prefer to read and write standard commercial genre, vampire stories, and bodice-rippers. But through Visionary Fiction we each and all thread evolution of consciousness through our characters; through those challenges they must conquer and grow from. Our readers reach ever Higher into hope at their sides.

In the Visionary Fiction Alliance I seem to have found a sort of a home.

Never thought I’d say this, but I think I kinda like it.

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