Great art.

Since I seem to be channeling this latest book, greater wisdom than mine has been coming through daily. Piece by piece I’m given answers to all of life’s and history’s most perplexing riddles.

Yesterday I was told why in ancient art there always seems to be windblown cloth hiding the models’ private parts.

It was a simple matter of evolution.

In those days human genitals were covered by Velcro. Anything blowing by just got stuck.

But sex hurt, and trysts were impossible. Hubby comes home and his wife is literally fused to her lover. Divorce courts weren’t necessary, since no one could challenge or deny anything that obvious.

Divorce courts are big business, so we couldn’t have that.

So we evolved to smoother, more slippery fun parts.

Now I ask you; why has it taken us all these centuries to figure that out?

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