Absorbed in spirit, a local comes by and he feels like yacking his favorite clichés all over me. I smile, and turn away. Birds are singing everywhere. Sun rising, leaves stirring, geese raising a racket in the distance; I am in peace. I offer him a silent blessing and turn away.

I no more feel the need to trade mouth noises with him than to honk back at the geese.

2 thoughts on “Chatter.

  1. Okay, go ahead and out me on my own website, Lydielou.
    Oh, and you forgot to mention how much I love singing back and forth with the owls at night.

  2. Geese are extremely good conversationalists as are sheep. Many times I have seen you pass the time of day with a chatty sheep or a quacky duck, although ducks do tend to be rather aggressive. Frogs like to meditate with us, chipmunks are dreadful gossips. I really shouldn’t generalise – they are all so individual when you get to know them.

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