Spring comes to vacation land.

Ahh. The first hints of springtime. Birds sing brighter, more festive melodies. Fields start to green. Days grow warmer. The hills echo everywhere with mucous-lung hacking as smokers return to vacation homes….

Soon those lovely wisps of subtle forest fragrance will lie heavy with the stink of dog shit, rich folks shouting into cell phones as their toddlers pet the snakes.

Their cats bring home dead chipmunks, a gigantic sign goes up renaming town center for Jackson County Republicans, and public TV’s are set for FOX News.

A local Baptist church fills their lawn with ugly crosses, announcing that abortion is bad, but war is a profitable way of killing dark-skinned foreigners; making their very church into a war zone.

It won’t be long now before the fields will be buried in trash.

God’s caretakers have reclaimed the land.

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