Quoting myself.

I tend to stick quotes in my books. Often just quoting myself. Thought I’d get away without doing that this time. But then this morning they started bubbling up out of the ethers, or wherever such ideas come from.

Oh, well; here we go again:

Whatever lies behind, stays behind.

Whatever lies ahead, so be it.

This moment now is forever.

I embrace it with all of my being.

You have become what you are through countless lives and lessons.

There is something you can offer others

if only working on your self-discipline, fighting your own baser urges.

Do that, then.

Do what is offered. Learn and grow as you can.

That in itself is service.

I don’t like calling it “God”.

That leaves you hassling over He, She, or It; and who’s it most look like?

“Powers-that-be” works for me.

But I really like calling it that vast “So much more!”

I guess I still believe in coincidence.

But only for everyday folks.

Once you step fully into your Quest for Spirit, though,

commit to it with all of your being,

your whole life becomes a mesh of synchronized miracles.

You can’t call that coincidence anymore.

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