Spirit centers we touch, then carry away within us.

I have filled my life with miracles, healings, and amazing spiritual moments. With wonder and magic.
But some parts of me will forever be alive in key moments and places that have blended with my very molecules and energies until they and I have become one form together; one single shared life.
I will always be alive in the magic of those whispering wee morning hours of that desert we camped in, buried deep in the bowels of Mexico.
I will always be in Cartmel Priory in England; and Cartmel will always be in me.
I will forever be holding the robe of St. Francis in Italy, and he will be wherever I am.
I will always have the letters of the Mahatmas in my hands, under my fingers, in my heart. My finger oils, energies, and love, will always be blending there with those of HPB, Olcott, every great theosophist, and the Masters themselves.
I will always be in Rosslyn Chapel, in Scotland.
Dora Kunz and John Coats have loved me, and I have loved them. Dora and Sai dance to me through the fields and the forests, to greet me when I climb out of bed each day.
I don’t say “I” anymore; I say “We”. I am so much more than one man in one place.
I can’t describe it. It just is. And I love it beyond all description.

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