Request for my healer friends.

While developing my new novels about hurting people growing into healers, I’m also interested in key moments that really meant something as you developed your sensitivities through Therapeutic Touch, or some other Laying on of Hands type interface. Was there a time when you were riddled with self-doubt, but then it all changed? Perhaps one key interaction when you could no longer deny that you were having an effect; your client was definitely responding and you could no longer tell yourself if was just your imagination, or your client’s own wish fulfillment? Did your growing sensitivities start to affect your outside life as well? Did your life start filling and thrilling with amazing, and helpful synchronicity and “coincidences”? Did people start telling you that you had been showing up in their dreams? Did you believe them?

While partnered up to assess a client, did you see a color some time where your partner on the other side felt a temperature shift? How did you discuss that; how did you rectify the two? Do you feel it anywhere else than in your hands?

As I write these scenes I will have a number of people exploring and growing from such experiences. I’d like to explore how these things hit different people in different ways; particularly how it changes them inside, and how their lives change as they do. These healing and revealing processes don’t have to have come from formal training. Perhaps some traumatic or special event brought them on. Maybe they just started up spontaneously.

Anyone care to share? You can always private message me, you know.

I’m also thinking about including someone who keeps praising Jesus, but not in any crazy fundie “Our guy is the only guy and the rest of you suck” kinda way. I want her to show what his real teachings really offered as she works alongside those of other faiths or none at all. She won’t be central, but I may put her in.

Lots of ideas popping in this tale of healers being themselves healed; care to contribute any of your own? As Mickey Rooney might say, “Hey, kids; my dad’s got a barn! Let’s write a novel!”

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