Two tales of the mischievous unseen.

When I visited my family in PA last year, my sister gave me two silver dollars my long-dead father had carried because they were from my deceased mom’s birth year. Then, when my nephew was getting ready to die in a hospital there after I’d returned to NC, I decided to hold one of the coins as a connection so we could all three together visit him out-of-body. As I was heading outside to my meditation spot, I saw one of my sketchbook pages curl up.

I set the dollar down beside it, positioned a heavy book on the sketch, reached for the dollar, and it was gone.

We still had a successful visit, and I didn’t get angry at God or anything this time. About 4:30 that same afternoon I told Dad in prayer that his dollar had meant a lot to me, and if it wasn’t too much effort, I really would like it back.

I was standing right by the table it had disappeared from.

I turned, and there it was.

*        *        *        *        *        *

Years ago my ex-wife’s mom was stricken with Cancer and not doing well. I dug our old wedding ring out of an ancient trunk in my living room in case I needed it to make contact when I sent her mom healing. It was inside a small plastic box shaped like a red heart with a teddy bear on it, and I placed it, box and all, on my altar.

Come New Years I was listening to Native American and Tibetan chants, wearing talismans, holding my wizard’s staff, swaying to other dimensions. I wore the ring for a while as I did my otherworldly weird stuff.

Months later, when I was told her mom was dying, I went for the ring box, but it was empty.

Not too many things stress me out, but this kind of bothered me for a while.

My ex had sent me a box of snacks for Christmas, but I had placed it high on a shelf unopened, still shrink wrapped.

There came a time 4 or 5 months after her mom had passed, when I had a sudden and irresistible urge for chocolate. I reached down the basket and found something to cut open the tough shipping cellophane. Taking everything out, I spread my snacky treasures all over the bed, just to ogle them for a while. This left only the colored plastic grass at the bottom of the basket, but I reached in to see if any special sugary delight had fallen through.

My ring was on the very bottom, underneath all that fake grass.

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