Are miracles supernatural?

Do I believe in miracles? No, not really. Do I believe that there have been, and are, great teachers and developed human beings who have raised others from the dead, multiplied food stores, pulled objects out of nothingness, and travelled long distances out of body? Absolutely. But I don’t see these things as miracles. There are many laws of Nature that science has not yet discovered, categorized, and mapped out in mathematical formulae. But they are still laws of Nature. Some metaphysicians have been able to work with them just as you and I work with gravity when we stand up or sit down. Just because they are outside what science recognizes doesn’t make them unnatural. And, since they are natural, and since those who make use of them are staying within natural laws, then I don’t see such things as being miracles.

5 thoughts on “Are miracles supernatural?

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  4. Agreed. HPB states there are no miracles; just natural law fully recognized. Her writings are indictitive of her genius.

    Manly P. Hall writes of Madame Blavatsky in the Phoenix,
    “Madam Blavatsky’s greatest “miracles” are her books, and by her writings she is elevated far beyond the reach of her calumniators.
    Her literary accomplishments and not materialized tea-cups are the hallmark of her genius.”

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