Novelist, teacher, and celebrity masseur Robert Edward Fahey has just spent six months Cropped cave portraitin Europe investigating spooky sites and spiritual centers in the United Kingdom and Italy. He explored Stone Age ceremonial centers, the Vatican, letters of the theosophical Mahatmas, and haunted ancient cemeteries.

Bob has lived in many parts of America and beyond, camped in deserts, and lived on a cruise ship; studied with artists, philosophers, mystics, and healers, always digging deeper into the ultimately unknowable. He currently holds up in a secluded mountain cabin in the Carolina woods, but travels wherever the spirit – or spirits – call him.

His new novel, “The Mourning After,” is a moving, mysterious, and romantic tale of reincarnation through centuries, drawn partly from his own past life memories.

Of this book it has been said;

In a world where death is but another beginning, you must trust in what you cannot believe.

– For those who wonder what lies beyond. For those who love; and hope.

The same could be said of his adventures through deeper mysteries.

Bob’s Theosophical History

Bob had been studying theosophical concepts at least since childhood (though past life 430001_554235741270523_1619108798_nmemories suggest this is way too conservative an estimate). He only learned of the Theosophical Society, though, in 1971, when a hitchhiker gave him a copy of Light on the Path. Ever since then he’s been driven by a passion to dig ever more deeply into the mysterious, and to explain it to others in clear and simple terms.

He joined the TS in 1972 as a member-at-large, not meeting another member until its International Centenary celebration in Manhattan in 1975. Dora Kunz had just become head of its American section; John Coats its international president, and Bob became friends with both of them there. Dora invited him to Olcott, TS national headquarters in Illinois, and though money was a problem, he accepted.

His brother had just started working with a new chain of shoe stores. Bob, knowing nothing about finances or investments, spent all his money buying stock in it, the stock soared, and he headed out west.

Dora and John thought the TS had grown too stodgy and egg-headed. They wanted to imagespump new youthful spirit through its ancient veins, so Bob showed up at headquarters at a dynamic and turbulent time, living there for over a year.

Those were relatively early years in the development of Therapeutic Touch, a form of laying on of hands developed largely by Dora, at that time being taught largely to nurses. She was eager to see if it could be taught to laymen and Mr. Fahey was part of the experiment. Every week a half-dozen or so theosophists met in the large occult library after hours.

These opened levels of awareness and caring in him that soon had him showing up out-of-body in the dreams and hospital rooms of people in need.

He taught at massage schools on both coasts, on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, massaged celebrities, and worked at world-class spas, but his spirit was always searching. He visited theosophical camps in New York and California, attended classes at Krotona Institute, and briefly shared duties as co-vice president of the Northeast Theosophical Federation. In the late 1970’s he helped start a theosophical branch that at first gathered on the couch in his mom’s living room. Abraxas Lodge is much larger these days.

As Edward Fahey, he now writes novels with an international following, sharing theosophical principles through deeply moving tales written for everyday people with real lives. John and Dora had told him that the deepest truths should be for everyone, not just the cerebral. Edward’s stories share tragedy and triumph in scenes and characters any one can identify with. Wisdom is not just for eggheads anymore.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Holy shit. That’s all that I can say. Just looked at your site. I am impressed, pleased, humbled, tearful, moved by the spirit & so grateful for any time the divine connection let’s me hear & see & much more. I am so much more understanding of my life experiences & intellectual pursuits & interests. Holy shit sums it up perfectly. So much more to say, ask & tell…but in private. Please contact me when you are able.

    your long lost lone wolf niece…..Kelly

  2. Bob,

    Just received an email from Michele about you. So good to hear. Sounds like the time lines have been rich and enriching for you. Where in Carolina are you? Or shall I ask which Carolina are you residing in?

    All the best and will check out your book.

    Take care,

    • Hey, James; I still treasure my warm memories of you after all these years. Thank you for responding. I’ve a cabin in the woods – Southwestern North Carolina, just above its border with South Carolina and Georgia.
      Just got back from 6 months in Europe exploring spooky sites, sacred centers, and vortices of magic.
      Am now starting a new novel on healers and healing.
      And you?

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